If you are looking for easy ways to fuel your body with lower-fat meals, full of nutritional
goodness, today's lean beef is a perfect choice.
Cuts of Beef:

Meat is basically muscle, and the chuck happens to be a heavily exercised area.
Luckily, this area contains a great deal of connective tissue, including collagen.
Collagen melts during cooking, making the meat intensely flavorful.
Cuts from this area benefit from slow, wet cooking methods like stewing, braising or pot-roasting.

Tender and flavorful ribs can be cooked any number of ways.
Most recipes call for ribs to be roasted, sautéed, pan-fried, broiled, or grilled.  

Short Loin
This area boasts extremely tender cuts and can be prepared without the aid of
moist heat or long cooking times. Cuts from the short loin may be sautéed, pan fried,
broiled, pan broiled or grilled.  

This meat is lean, muscular and very flavorful. Flank is primarily used for
flank steaks and rolled flank steaks. It can also be used for kabobs.  

"The backbone's connected to the … hipbone"—not a song, but a sirloin.
These tender cuts respond well to sautéing, pan-frying, broiling, pan-broiling or grilling.

The round consists of lean meat well-suited to long, moist cooking methods.  

Traditionally used for corned beef, brisket is best prepared with moist heat.
Suitable preparation methods include stewing, braising and pot-roasting.

Short Plate
This section is best used for stew meat, where its rich, beefy flavor can be appreciated.
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Lean beef is an
important source of 12
essential nutrients
including high quality
iron, zinc and B vitamins